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Pet Carriers Comfortable Carrying For Small Cats Dogs Backpack Travel

Pet Carriers Comfortable Carrying For Small Cats Dogs Backpack Travel

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The product can be fully opened, pets can stand on the ground without lifting their legs, and can be quickly put on. The zipper design is cancelled, which eliminates a series of inconveniences such as pet hair trapping and cumbersome wearing. The thickened pearl cotton-filled bracket structure can wrap the pet firmly around the pet, adding a sense of security to the pet. At the same time, the force point of the pet in the bag is moved down to the pet's sternum, so as to avoid the product from strangling the pet's neck, and it can also play a role in The role of the chest protector takes into account the stability and comfort of the product. The bottom of the product is cut in a bench style, which makes the pet's stress more reasonable in this product, so that the pet sits firmly in the bag, and will not stagger or lean forward, which improves the beauty and comfort of the pet when wearing it. Increase the adjustable points of bust and abdominal circumference, and make the four leg holes more open, which greatly improves the compatibility of various dog breeds. The traditional chest pack can only carry pets of about 20 pounds, but now it can be greatly increased to dogs with more than 30 pounds. The product has a wider range of applications, and the owner's wearing experience is also better.

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